The Maker: Wilson Capron

Texas cowboy and master craftsman Wilson Capron creates bits & spurs that truly are a thing of function and beauty.

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Bob Avila~AQHA World Renowned Horse Trainer

Wilson did such a special job for us on all our silver. We are so fortunate to own some of his work. Or should I say art. 

Van Newkirk Anniversary Spurs

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Ryan Motes and his Spurs

Ryan Motes 5-time WNFR qualifier

Wilson’s work is truly second to none, the amount of detail and personality put to each piece is what makes is more than just bits & spurs and transforms it into a work of art. 

Winning A Wilson Capron Bit

A Modern Day Cowboy Making Bits & Spurs

Thomas Braman

Out of all the artist that I have in my collection Wilson Capron is second to none. There’s no other human that I’ve ever seen they can do the craftsmanship and engraving like he can. His stuff it’s like owning something out of the Smithsonian.

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Bits, Spurs, Buckles, Engravings, Western Art

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David Brown~Red River Crossing Gainesville,Texas

Wilson has somehow managed to blend an obvious respect for the history and traditions of his craft with a superb eye for lines and innovation, all the while bringing bit and spur making to a level seldom if ever attained by anyone.