Workshops & Private Lessons


January Workshop

Wilson Capron and Scott Hardy will be hosting an engraving workshop and Wilson’s Christoval shop January 11-14, 2017.  This class will cover everything from the fundamentals to more advanced techniques of engraving.  The class should be suited for all levels of engravers and have something beneficial to all.  25 participants will be accepted and a $500 Non-refundable deposit will hold your spot.
The cost for the class will be $1260 which includes lunch each day.  We will also offer room and board that will include breakfast and supper with bunk house accommodations for $85/day to 6 who want to stay with us.  Again we only have spots for six.  Those will be filled first come, first serve.  If you would like to reserve your spot at the shop please let Wilson know.  We have made arrangements with a bed and breakfast that will provide rooms, some private and some with two beds that can be reserved for $75/day.  This price doesn’t come with any meals.  Everyone is welcome to eat with us any meal for $15/meal.  Remember lunch is included in the cost of the class already.
For more information, call Wilson:  432.967.0684


$200 per day per person. If someone is interested in a workshop, please contact Wilson about the curriculum. We will put together six students and create a class to fit your needs. Room and board charge will be determined upon the length of the class.  

Private Lessons

Individual engraving training - $1,000 per day. Room and board arrangements available upon request. IMG_0866 IMG_0833engraving class